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Dr. Toma Carmen


(2013) Senior Specialised Physician, Ophthalmologist 
(2006 – 2010) Doctoral studies - “Carol Davila” University of Medicine, Bucharest
(2005) Specialised Physician in Ophthalmology 
(2000 – 2005) Ophthalmology Residency Programme with SCUMC (the Central Military Emergency University Hospital), Bucharest
(1996 – 2000) Residency Programme with Family Medicine, Emergency University Hospital, Bucharest
(1989 – 1995) “Iuliu Hatieganu” Faculty of Medicine, Cluj-Napoca


(2016 – 2017) Senior Specialised Physician, Ophthalmologist, “Pescarus” Policlinic, Bucharest
(2014 – 2017) Senior Specialised Physician, Ophthalmologist, Metropolitan Hospital, Bucharest
(2011 – 2014) Specialised Physician, Ophthalmologist, Europe Eye Hospital, Bucharest
(2007 – 2011) Specialised Physician, Ophthalmologist, Laser Optics, Bucharest 
(2005 – 2006) Specialised Physician, Ophthalmologist, Pro Romedica, Bucharest
(2000 – 2005) Resident Physician, Ophthalmologist, Central Military Emergency University Hospital, Bucharest
(1996 – 2000) Resident Physician, Family Medicine, Emergency University Hospital, Bucharest


- Anterior eyeball segment surgery: cataract (phacoemulsification), pterygium, glaucoma (trabeculectomy)
- Vitreoretinal surgery: Retinal Detachment (RD), Epiretinal Membrane (ERM), GM, hemophtalmus, crystalline lens luxation, intravitreal injections with Triamcinolon, Avastin, etc.
- Laser therapy (Certificate for complementary studies): capsulotomy, iridotomy, trabeculoplasty (ALT, SELECTA) retinal photocoagulation, cyclophotocoagulation (CPC) 
- Functional explorations: AFG, eye and orbit ultrasound (Certificate for complementary studies), OCT, anterior eyeball segment OCT (Vizante), HRT, computerised perimetry, specular microscopy, pachymetry, corneal topography 
- Specialised Examinations 


Doctoral studies on the topic of: “Strategii terapeutice in trombozele venoase retiniene” (Eng.: “Therapy Strategies in Retinal Vein Thrombosis”) (Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Benone Carstocea, M.D., Ph.D., University Prof.)

Papers published in specialised magazines or presented in national meetings, congresses and conferences

- “Chirurgia PVR” (Eng.: “PVR Surgery”), 2012, Bucharest
- “DMLV- modalitati terapeutice” (Eng.: “AMD – Therapeutic approaches”), 2011, Bucharest
- “Edemul macular” (Eng.: “Macular Oedema”), Oftalmologia, no.2, 2010
- “Cataracta moale, probleme de abord si rezolvare” (Eng.: “Soft Cataract – approach issues and solutions”), 2005, Sinaia
- “Vitreoretinopatia proliferative” (Eng.: “Proliferative vitreoretinopathy”), Oftalmologia, no. 3, 2004 

SOE Lecture: “Cand Vegf este in exces sau deficitar” (Eng.: “When the VEGF is in excess or lacking”), October 2006, Sinaia 


National Ophthalmology Congress, Sinaia
Congress of the European Retina, Macula and Vitreous Society (Euretina), September 2012, Milan
Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), September 2012, Milan 
“Frankfurt Retina Meeting”, live surgery, March 10 – 11, 2012
“The Days of the Romanian Glaucoma Society”, March 2011, Sinaia
“The 9th EGS Congress”, September 12 – 17, 2010, Madrid
“Diagnosis in Focus”, April 11, 2009, Bucharest
“The 6th LECOP Diabetic Retinopathy Course”, September 13 – 16, 2008, Prague
“The 6th Glaucoma Symposium”, March 28-31, 2007, Athens
“Joint Congress of SOE/AAO”, June 9-12, 2007, Vienna
“Vitreoretinal Live Surgery & Symposium”, April 02-03, 2004, Bucharest
“The 3rd LECOP Cataract Course”, March 02-05, 2004, Prague
“Applications of Viscoelastic Substances in Cataract Surgery”, March 01-05, 2002, Bucharest
“Update Ophthalmology Course”, December 01-05, 2002, Bucharest
Course on Angiofluorography, 2005, Bucharest
Course on Laser Use in Ophthalmology, 2004, Bucharest
Course on Eye and Orbit Ultrasound, April 02-04, 2001, Bucharest 
Course on the Cataract - Dr. Akahoshi, M.D., Live Surgery, 2001, Bucharest
“Basic & Advanced Life Support”, January 22-24, 1993, Cluj-Napoca

Awards: “Award for the Best Paper by a Young Ophthalmology Specialist” - October 2006, Sinaia


Member of the Romanian College of Physicians
Member al Romanian Society of Ophthalmology 



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