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Dr. Mogos Maria – Cristina


(2019 - present) Senior Primary Care Physician Ophthalmologist at WEST EYE HOSPITAL, Bucharest
(2014 - present) Ophthalmologist Specialist at WEST EYE HOSPITAL, Bucharest
(2014 - present) Medas Professional Medical Centre, Bucharest
(2008 - 2013) Clinical Ophthalmology Emergency Hospital, Bucharest


(2015) EGS (European Glaucoma Society) scholarship - clinical internship at the Glaucoma Institute, Paris, France, under the guidance of Prof. Yves Lachkar (March 2015)
(2014) Seminar "Weill Cornell Salzburg Seminar in Ophthalmology", Salzburg, Austria, 24 - 28 March 2014 (awarded with certificate for excellent academic results)
(2014) EBO (European Board of Ophthalmology) scholarship - clinical internship in the ophthalmology department, Cataract and Refractive Surgery ward - University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany, under the guidance of Prof. Gerd U. Auffarth January 2014)
(2013) Specialist in Ophthalmology (January 2013)
(2011) Clinical Internship - ophthalmology department of the Cantonal Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland (April-May 2011)
(2011) SOE (European Ophthalmology Society) scholarship - Clinical internship in ophthalmology department of the «Croix Rousse» Hospital, Lyon, France, under the guidance of Prof. Philippe Denis (January-March 2011)
(2008-2012) Resident, Ophthalmology Emergency Hospital, Bucharest
(2004) SOCRATES-ERASMUS scholarship at the University of Cádiz - Faculty of Medicine, Cádiz, Spain (February-July 2004)
(2001-2007) Faculty of General Medicine, "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy


(2015) "Modern imaging in glaucoma", Paris, France
(2015) “Field of vision and optical coherence tomography in 2015: strategies depending on the pathology”, Paris, France
(2015) "Ocular hypertension and glaucoma: indications for laser therapy", Paris, France
(2015) "Normal pressure glaucoma", Paris, France
(2015) "Filtering surgery in glaucoma", Paris, France
(2014) Instructional courses at the ESCRS congress: "The management of astigmatism in cataract surgery; Phaco-chop technique - step by step; Phakic IOL implantation - when and where; Schlemm's canal surgery ab-externo - Viscocanalostomy and canaloplasty; The importance of statistics in the context of preparing and writing a scientific paper; Basic notions in corneal topography; Non-infectious peripheral keratitis and secondary corneal perforation - clinical and surgical management; Publication of scientific papers in ophthalmology – Basic notions; Cataract in cases with associated corneal pathology"
(2014) Cataract Forum organized by Hoya (Curs, Wetlab and Drylab) - Heidelberg, Germany
(2013) "Good Clinical Practice - Clinical research notions" - Barcelona, Spain
(2012) Orthokeratology course - "Menicon Z Night-Night and Z Toric - Backgrounds and empirical fitting with Easyfit plus evaluation of outcomes" - Sibiu, Romania
(2012) Course on corneal pathology and corneal transplantation techniques, Bucharest
(2010) "Initiation in OCT" course, Bucharest
(2010) Instructional courses at the ESCRS congress: "Management of complicated cases of cataracts, Visual Field Assessment, Management of cataracts cases in children, Glaucoma Surgery - The operative technique and postoperative management, Video course - Dealing of possible complications during phacoemulsification" Paris, France
(2009) "Greek Summer Ophthalmic Wetlab" – course on surgical techniques for cataract, glaucoma, refractive surgery and OCT initiation and Biometry - Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
(2009) "Theoretical and practical features on disposable contact lenses" course - Bucharest
(2008) "Practical features on adapting patients with astigmatism and presbyopia to contact lenses", Bucharest
(2008) "Greek Summer Ophthalmic Wetlab" - cataracts and glaucoma surgical techniques course - Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
(2008) Phacoemulsification Wetlab - cataract surgical techniques course - Ophthalmology Emergency Hospital, Bucharest


(2015) The 15th edition of the "Days of Eye Reflections" Paris, March 12 - 14
ESCRS Congress - London, September 12 – 17, 2014; Vienna, September 17 – 21, 2011; Paris September 4 - 8, 2010
National Ophthalmology Congress - Bucharest, October 2014; Sinaia, October 2010, 2009, 2008
Glaucoma National Conference - Sibiu - March 2014, Sinaia - March 2013 2012 2010 2009.2008
Paediatric Ophthalmology National Congress - Poiana Brasov, April 2010, Cluj-Napoca, May 2008
(2014) Symposium - "Updates in the field of contact lenses", Bucharest
(2013) The17th edition of the ESCRS Winter Congress - Warsaw, Poland
(2013) "UK Paediatric Glaucoma Society Meeting" - London
(2013) Symposium "Excellence in glaucoma management saves years of vision" - Bucharest
(2012) The First National Conference of Cataract and Refractive Surgery - Bucharest
(2012) Wet Lab - "Dexamethasone Intravitreal Implant 0,7 mg" Eastern European Academy, Bucharest
(2012) European Glaucoma Society Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark
(2011) ESCRS Glaucoma Day, Vienna, Austria
(2011) The 11th edition of the "Days of Eye Reflections" Paris (Wetlab participation - intravitreal injection of Ozurdex)
(2008) Symposium on "Features and accents in glaucoma", Bucharest
(2006) The 3rd Congress of the European Academy of Surgery, Bucharest
(2005) The 9th International Congress for Students and Young Doctors, Timisoara


Member of the European Glaucoma Society – as of March 2011
Member of the ESCRS – as of June 2010
Member of the College of Physicians in Romania – as of June 2008
Member of the Romanian Ophthalmology Society – as of January 2008


General ophthalmology consultations and investigations.
Surgery for diseases of the anterior pole of the eye (cataracts, glaucoma, pterygium).
Chapter - "Glaucoma in children" – co-author, Updates and Controversies in Glaucoma, "Gr. T. Popa " publishing house U.M.F. Iasi, 2014: 121-150
"Schlemm's canal - pathogenic role and therapeutic implications" - co-author, published in the Oftalmologia magazine, nr. 2/2013: 8-16
"A clinical case of complicated cataract associated with juvenile glaucoma" - e-poster, author - the 17th edition of ESCRS Winter Congress, February 15-17, 2013, Warsaw, Poland
"Artificial tears - mechanism of action and indications in ocular surface protection" - co-author - paper published in Acta Medica Transilvanica, in December 2012, 2 (4): 101-105
"Trabeculectomy in paediatric glaucoma" - lecture, co-author - the XLVIII Annual Reunion of Ophthalmologists, May 2012, Iasi, Romania
"Glaucoma and pregnancy" - lecture, co-author - the XLVIII Annual Reunion of Ophthalmologists, May 2012, Iasi, Romania
"Pigmentary glaucoma" – Case presentation, co-author, May 2011, Iasi, Romania
"A case of secondary glaucoma - 1 year follow-up" – Case presentation, co-author, the III National Glaucoma Congress, March 2011, Sinaia, Romania
"Evaluation of Trabeculectomy effectiveness as compared to Trabeculectomy as an initial surgical procedure in congenital primitive glaucoma" - oral presentation, author - Annual Congress of the ESCRS September 17-21, 2011, Vienna, Austria
"A clinical case of complicated cataract associated with juvenile glaucoma" – case presentation, author - "Sifi 2010" Contest, October 2010, Sinaia, Romania
"A case of secondary glaucoma" – case presentation, co-author - in the III National Glaucoma Congress March 2010, Sinaia and in the Monthly meeting of the Romanian Ophthalmology Society, April 2010 Bucharest
"A clinical case of posterior capsule opacification associated with sequelae of strong bruise" – case presentation, author - "Sifi 2008" Contest in October 2008, Sinaia, Romania

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