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NASA technology brought to the first private ophthalmology hospital in Romania

The only device in the world that operates without a scalpel, here in WEST EYE HOSPITAL

BUCHAREST, October 29, 2010

WEST EYE HOSPITAL, the first private ophthalmology hospital in Romania opens in Bucharest on October 29, 2010. Here, in WEST EYE HOSPITAL the first INTRALASE + STAR S4 IR in Romania can be found, a device that uses the most advanced LASER EXCIMER- iLASIK technology, the latest laser procedures technology approved by NASA and FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).

iLASIK technique is one of the safest and most precise medical procedures used in the world, more than ten million cases recording outstanding results and 98% of cases getting a perfect sight. iLASIK is recommended in solving cases that were operated with excimer laser and not optimally resolved. Studies performed on the US Army soldiers treated with this new technology have demonstrated that an extremely high percentage (approximately 95%) of them reached to 100% or more sight ability after surgery, without the need of glasses. According to Dr. Ioan Stefaniu, Doctor of Medical Sciences, ophthalmologist primary care physician, “iLASIK is a procedure that reshapes refractive imperfections of the eye by corneal ablation with refractive index change, representing the quintessential technological advances of the last decade, being an elective procedural combination, a truly personalized method, unique in its components: Wave Scan Wave Front System, INTRALASE FS Laser, Excimer VISX STAR S4 IR Laser and Advanced Custom Vue process.” The intervention takes place in the cornea (anterior, transparent layer of the eye) using a laser beam very precisely metered and directed.

Consultations and complex investigations

WEST EYE HOSPITAL GROUP (whose work in the field of ophthalmology began in Turkey in 2004) has proposed to offer through the hospital in Bucharest best ophthalmology services in Romania at the highest standards of quality and through a teams of high professional competent doctors.

WEST EYE HOSPITAL Romanian team consists of ten specialized doctors and coordinated by Dr. Ioan Stefaniu, Doctor of Medical Sciences, ophthalmologist primary care physician, who works in a hospital with five medical consultation facilities, investigation facilities, pre and post-operative wards and five side-rooms for patients. The first ophthalmology private hospital in Romania offers consultations, complex investigations (pathology of cornea, lens, retina and glaucoma), surgery: cataract, glaucoma, ocular-orbital plastic surgery, LASER EXCIMER-iLASIK refractive surgery, etc..

Located on 137-139 Calea Vitan, district 3, Bucharest the institution is the seventh hospital of WEST EYE HOSPITAL GROUP chain of ophthalmology hospitals, represented worldwide by five hospitals in Turkey ( and one in Iraq (

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