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With a wide experience, WEST EYE HOSPITAL Group started up in the field of ophthalmology in 2004, Turkey, with the aim to answer the patients’ needs, combining the state of the art equipment with the professionalism of its medical staff.

WEST EYE HOSPITAL Group made a name for itself both locally and internationally, with a significant evolution, opening other six hospitals in Turkey, and another two in Iraq. SC WEST EYE HOSPITAL SRL was established by Mr Mehmet Söyler in 2008.

In early 2010, the Turkish company Batigoz Ltd Sti took over 80% of SC WEST EYE HOSPITAL SRL’s stocks. After 2 years of intensive investment it became the first company to invest in the ophthalmological sector in Romania. It paved the way for the market of what WEST EYE HOSPITAL Bucharest was to become, with a total area of 1400 square meters.

WEST EYE HOSPITAL has 2 operation wards, an Excimer – Intralase Laser room, 12 check-up rooms, investigation rooms, pre-and post-operation wards and 5 side-rooms. It is a medical centre equipped with state of the art equipment, some of them unique in Romania, making it possible to conduct various types of investigations and apply treatments to eye problems. An additional benefit for patients is the medical optics ward in the hospital’s lobby.

WEST EYE HOSPITAL intends to offer, through the Bucharest branch, the best ophthalmological services in Romania, at the highest level of quality, with the help of its highly qualified medical staff.

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